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https://leagueskins.me offers you the chance to get free league skins. Codes are updated at the webmaster's discretion and can be redeemed in the League of Legends shop. To get a valid code, ALL steps must be fulfilled. After completion of the survey, the participant will receive his or her code.
Due to the heavy volume of traffic, there is no guarantee of every code working; some may have already been authorized - again, codes are updated automatically by our website script.

The term "Free League Skin Codes" is due to the website compensating the participant for his/her time; the currency being Riot Point codes

This website bears no association to RiotGames (R) or League of Legends (TM).

League of Legends and Riot Points are trademarks by Riot Games.

We are a third-party medium offering codes derived from personal property (that is, to say, the property of the webmaster)

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The services/prizes offered by this Website, are on a first come/first serve basis.

We do not collect/resell any of your personal information.

We are not liable for any loss or damages to you or anyone you know that has resulted from the use of this site (or any others like it).

I. Referrals

A. Definition:
1. This Website referral is defined as a person electronically using your referral URL/Link and having a cookie set.
2. Word of mouth does not qualify as a referral, unless the referral link is spoken of and used.

B. Referral Points:
1.You will receive 1 point from a unique referral who visits your referral link.

C. Referral Integrity:
1. You may not refer yourself, or anyone that lives in the same household as yourself.
2. Fraud is constantly checked for, if fraud is detected, the appropriate authorities will be notified.

II. Offers

A. General offers:
1. Users may not complete an offer they have already completed on any of the This Website sites or on any different site(s).
2. You must only do offers you are genuinely interested in.
3. We reserve the right to credit offers at our sole discretion.
4. To be credited, you must complete the requirements of the offer put forward by the advertiser.
5. You must submit valid phone number information, on offers/surveys that require a phone number.
6. You agree that we are not responsible for any costs that occur.
7. You must provide valid information to advertisers.

III. Rewards
A. General Rewards:
1. You may claim a reward if you have the required amount of points, visits or clicks.
2. You will receive your Free League Skin Code after required number of your referrals have visited your referral link.

IV. General

A. Reserved Rights:
1. This Website reserves the right to deny any claimed reward without reason.
2. This Website reserves the right to change the terms of service on this page at any time without notification.
3. This Website reserves the right to deny anyone access to any of our services at any time without notification.

B. General:
1. You hold us (This Website) NOT liable for any loss, damages, costs or harm to you or others in the use of our services.
2. If any part(s) of the information is not submitted, the user voids their right to be credited. The user may re-submit all the information to be credited.